All Groups Need to Prosper

Everyone in our society must prosper. It’s very important for everyone to prosper no matter what your background is.

Whatever the race, religion, or sexual orientation of the people, prosperity must be a priority. Prosperity benefits us all. It’s always best to have all of our needs met at every time and point of space.

It’s always sad when you have people who don’t seem to really prosper. You have the rich on one side and the poor on the other side. Differences in wealth creates a lot of tension among people. You have the battle between the haves and the have-nots. At the end of the battle you still have the haves and the have-nots.

A good way to achieve prosperity I believe is to be careful what you focus on. What I mean by that is what you give your attention to. The challenge is to focus your thoughts only on prosperity and to forget about lack. Focus on what you want to have in your life so you can draw it to you. Keep your mind off of the things you don’t want in your life.

This can be a challenging thing to do during difficult times. You can get very detailed about your thoughts. Just take your negative thoughts and just flip them. The negative thoughts tell you what you need to move away from. The opposite of your negative thoughts are how you get your positive thoughts.

You have to allow yourself to go there with your thoughts. So much of our upbringing has taught us to live in a limited way. We’re taught not to see ourselves succeeding in a big way. One example is if you are a person who hates driving everywhere, you can catch a cab or limo to get around in. You may think that being chauffeured in a limo is too extreme. Just allow yourself to think about being so well off that you can afford to be chauffeured around town.

Think about real prosperity, having others prepare your dinners for you. Instead of having so much work in your life imagine having other people to do the work for you. Imagine living in the finest homes and driving the finest automobiles. How about sending your kids to the best schools to be sure that your child receives a good education. If a city or nation prospers greatly all schools can be the best schools.

Good homes, good schools, good water and sewage systems, easy access to grocery stores and shopping centers are all a part of what it’s like to experience great prosperity. That’s prosperity.

An Overview Of Parking Spaces and Issues

Driving, for starters must be taken seriously. The same is applicable for the new urban planners and architects. There is something worth considering beyond the garage and greener designs. Thought must be given about public spaces that is very much an integral part of the sidewalks and streets infrastructure. This is because nothing is permanent, there may be a need to change to fit various other activities.

Already, lots of places are taken over by teenage partiers, street hockey games, farmers markets and church services. It is high time one realizes and encourages diversity. This is the reason and also the main idea behind celebrating since 2005 a global event, Parking Day that invites people to transform the metered lots. The participants every year in dozens of countries have adapted and there are temporary health clinics and repair shops for bikes.

The urban and suburban lots have changed to a great extent and it is definitely a glib that people should buy only fewer cars. It is time to favor public transportation and stop relying on our cars too much. Owning and driving our own automobiles is also essential, but that does not mean the public transit systems become abysmal completely. However, in bigger cities such as Los Angeles and New York, cars are not just going to go away and so there is a need to create and treat the city common places for parking, so that the community values are equally retained.

Big cities such as New York from the days of auto boom are in need of parking spaces in specific ration based on per housing unit. Over the days, it has come to light that the number of automobiles outweigh the parking spaces and the rules regarding minimum parking spaces has resulted in the apartments costs driving up for residents and developers. On the other hand these developers have diverted money, damaged the environment and have created a cityscape that is government-mandated that remains unused largely. Thus the parking lots that are already small stay glutted with vehicles.

With the increase in parking spaces, the new constructions and developers built hundreds of apartments with parking spaces aiming to lure tenants. But, the fact is that these parking places built for the apartment people stay vacant on most days or even on the working days for most part of the day. Eventually, the city loses public space and a huge fortune is lost even for the developers.

There are faults with the driver behaviour as well. They take shortcuts, ignore stripes and drive staying alert to pedestrians, that result in more time taken and each minute taken by each driver behaviour leads to traffic jam in peak hours. Going around big cities must be done only after careful consideration of the peak and off-peak hours. The details of parking spaces and the parking details must be known to plan accordingly.